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October 2012 Horoscope

Bringing Fantasies Down to Earth

Learning to mesh soft and hard, the ideal and the real, is a key issue this month. October starts with the Sun in sweet Libra, which favors compromise and accommodation. The desire to please others is reinforced on October 2, when Libra's lovely ruling planet Venus enters helpful Virgo. Although there's a critical side to this pragmatic Earth sign, which should put relationships on a more practical foundation, Venus' opposition to dreamy Neptune on October 3 is more about escaping reality than engaging it. Romantic feelings may be delicious, but they're likely to be fleeting unless they're supported by reason.

Minds are unlikely to wander when mental Mercury joins restrictive Saturn in the last degree of Libra on October 5. The seriousness of this alignment demands clear communication and a mastery of facts. Those who lack evidence for their ideas should quietly do some research before sharing them with others. That's especially important because both Mercury and Saturn change signs on October 5, entering skeptical Scorpio where accountability increases. Mercury's passage here only lasts until October 28, but Saturn will spend more than two years in the psychologically deep and emotionally intense sign. The ringed planet reminds us that facing fears with patience and persistence builds character and reinforces relationships.

Still, there's buoyancy and adventurousness coming with active Mars' entry into outgoing Sagittarius on October 6. A tendency to reach too far is a risk here, particularly when Mars opposes dreamy Neptune on October 7. Fighting for a lost cause or chasing phantoms is a negative expression of this transit, but within a day or two we'll tap into the fiery physical force of Mars in this athletic and opinionated sign.

The major aspect of the month is Saturn's harmonious 120-degree trine with Neptune on October 10. This favorable connection between hard-nosed Saturn and spiritual Neptune blends dreams with reality. Establishing a long-term plan to achieve idealistic goals is a good way to combine these two planets. This pattern will recur on June 11 and July 19, 2013, providing two more chances to bring fantasies down to Earth and to find faith that lightens our burdens.

The Libra New Moon on October 15 is useful for initiating relationships, both personal and professional. Expansive Jupiter's trine to this Sun-Moon conjunction brings flexibility and wisdom to help navigate the complicated waters of partnership. Libran optimism gives way to Scorpionic skepticism when the Sun enters this sign on October 22. A solar conjunction with Saturn on October 25 is a very serious day, when we can feel overloaded with obligations or deflated by delays. On the positive side, it's terrific for developing discipline and focus that can transform a losing situation into a rewarding one.

We get some sugar on October 28, when amorous Venus enters Libra. The socially and artistically pleasing transit is useful for smoothing out bumps in relationships and making beauty and graciousness more pervasive in our daily lives. Mental Mercury's move into visionary Sagittarius that day is excellent for looking ahead with hope, but weak at attending to details and routine matters in the present.

The Taurus Full Moon on October 29 is a test of commitment, when we need to weigh our resources against our aspirations. A realistic assessment of what we've got versus what it will take to succeed isn't necessarily easy. But don't shy away from looking, because potent Pluto's positive trine to the Full Moon shows us where hidden or underused assets are and how we can apply them to achieve our goals.