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October 2012 Love Horoscope

Embrace Your Passionate Side

Romance takes a complicated turn on October 2 when the love planet Venus enters analytical Virgo. This pragmatic sign brings realism to relationships and an attention to detail that helps to work through complex issues.

But before we can tap into these assets Venus opposes dreamy Neptune on the October 3 to soften the sharp edges of this sign. However, this invites romantic fantasies, imagination, compassion and forgiveness that allow us to overcome old issues. On the other hand, we can be taken by illusions and fail to see someone clearly. Any errors of judgment, though, are likely to be corrected quickly as mental Mercury and serious Saturn join together on the October 5 and then both move into scrutinizing Scorpio later that day. There's no naïveté with this discerning pair. Tough conversations about key issues are a good way to apply this intense mental energy.

The desire to escape reality, though, kicks in again when passionate Mars enters adventurous Sagittarius on October 6. Restlessness comes with this dynamic transit, especially when Mars forms a stressful square with Neptune the following day. It's another time when romantic foolishness is possible. If you enjoy chasing dreams, have fun, but don't invest too much hope in sketchy people.

We get a fresh start in relationships with the lovely Libra New Moon on October 15. This is the partnership sign where grace, beauty and social skills are highly valued. Diplomacy can help to overcome obstacles in a current alliance or open doors to a new one.

The Sun's shift to intense Scorpio on October 22 peels away politeness to get at bottom line issues about intimacy.