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Aquarius October 2012 Horoscope

Balancing Act

This month is all about the relationship between your ideals and the execution of strategy. October starts with the Sun in your 9th House of Big Ideas and finishes with it shining in your 10th House of Public Responsibility. The entry of agreeable Venus into pragmatic Virgo and your 8th House of Shared Resources on October 3 puts a priority on efficiency, yet dashing Mars' move into theoretical Sagittarius and your 11th House of Community on October 6 tends to value adherence to a cause above practicality.

A similar contradiction is illustrated on October 5, when mental Mercury joins dependable Saturn in the last degree of Libra in your 9th House, before both planets move into Scorpio in your 10th House later that day. You may be able to articulate a perfect plan for bringing peace and justice into your life, but you may then encounter limits imposed by your duties.

Fortunately, you can span the gap between your highest hopes and current realities thanks to a creative trine between earthbound Saturn and heavenly Neptune on October 10. This favorable alignment, which recurs on June 11 and July 13, 2013, widens your picture of reality until you find room for these seemingly opposing perspectives. You may not resolve the differences immediately, but you should begin to envision a future in which they can work together.

On October 15, the diplomatic instincts that the Libra New Moon gives you are enriched with a trine to promising Jupiter. The Sun's entry into scrutinizing Scorpio on October 22 and the Taurus Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family on October 29 reveal the gulf between your personal and professional lives. The Sun's conjunction with strict Saturn on October 25 requires you to set clear priorities, maintain a singular focus, and develop the patience of a saint.

Keep in Mind this Month

You can balance utopian dreams with earthbound necessities if you develop the flexibility to adjust your behavior.

Key Dates for Aquarius


October 9-20: Sky's the Limit

You're able to look beyond short-term issues and see long-range opportunities on October 9, when a visionary Sun-Jupiter trine fills your mind with a cornucopia of ideas. Others, however, may not catch on as quickly as you might like, provoking an impatience that can turn them off to your plans. Inviting questions will take more time, but it's necessary to gain support. You can mix authority with compassion on October 10, when bossy Saturn is softened by a trine to altruistic Neptune. Dreams supported by discipline can be brought gently down to Earth.

October 20-21: Agent of Change

Your fears about your job take center stage with Mercury in perceptive Scorpio in your 10th House of Career. Still, the messenger planet's stressful aspects to wayward Uranus on October 20 and inscrutable Pluto on October 21 can make them difficult to explain. If you're feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by unnecessary complications, step back, cut yourself some slack and try a simpler approach.