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Aquarius October 2012 Career Horoscope

Great Expectations

Big dreams about your career may arise during the first three weeks of the month while the Sun is in your visionary 9th House of Beliefs. Travel, higher education, teaching and people in faraway places are assets that can move you closer to achieving your goals. It's possible, though, that being overly idealistic might raise expectations beyond practical limits. What you're able to see with the Sun in Libra until October 22 are images of what's to come, but it will take time to turn them into reality.

October 5 marks a significant turn in your professional life because serious Saturn starts its two-year stay in your 10th House of Career. This practical planet's entry into intense Scorpio can reward you with higher levels of accomplishment when your ideas are rooted in strong feelings. However, focusing on essential tasks and eliminating unrealistic expectations makes the difference between being bogged down in unrewarding tasks and gaining more authority and respect.

The need to temper idealism with a dose of discipline is underscored when the Sun enters Scorpio on October 22. You could run into an obstacle when the Sun joins Saturn in your 10th House on October 25. You might have a difficult choice between making everyone happy and advancing your interests.

Fortunately, sociable Venus moves into gracious Libra on October 28, enabling you to use charm and people skills to help you express your ideas in a manner that is more appealing to others. Therefore, a combination of well-defined goals and an iron fist in a velvet glove can set you on a productive path toward professional fulfillment.