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Aquarius October 2012 Love Horoscope

Take Risks and be Adventurous

October seems cool at first with the lovely Libra Sun lifting spirits in your 9th House of Expansion. But then on October 2 Libra's romantic ruling planet Venus enters edgy Virgo and your 8th House of Intimacy where some complex negotiations in relationships are due.

First, though, there's a day of romantic foolishness on October 3 that is more about escape than analysis. It's fun to feel the freedom of not having to control your emotions but there is a risk of projecting fantasies on someone who may not live up to your expectations. This is another good reason why your willingness to carefully examine what you're getting for what you give in partnerships is so important. It's not playful or easy, but worth the complex discussions that may ensue.

If you're single, this is still a month when you will benefit by taking a closer look at your desires and what you need to fulfill them. Some minor adjustments may be required and try not to resist the reasonable requests or useful advice of others. You get fresh wind in your sails with the Libra New Moon on October 15 that can turn your head toward travel, higher education and attract you to people from faraway places.

An adventurous spirit soars on October 28 and 29 with a more curious mind and the energy to push yourself into unfamiliar territory. The dynamic Aries Full Moon on October 29 kicks up your independent side, making you restless for change. Have fun but note that taking chances then can produce surprising results.