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Cancer October 2012 Love Horoscope

Stay Calm, Cool and Collected

A significant long-term shift in personal matters begins on October 5 when serious Saturn enters your 5th House of Romance for a two-year stay. The presence of this responsible planet in this normally playful part of your chart suggests that you will now be playing for keeps. Saturn is about restraint, self-control and discipline so carefully calculating moves to inspire a current relationship or to attract a new one is a must.

Being precise about what and who you want and what you don't want is supported by amorous Venus' entry into analytical Virgo and your 3rd House of Communication on October 2. Pay closer attention to what's being said and express yourself as clearly as possible. It may not seem romantic to let your head rule your emotions but it's going to make you more effective at getting your needs fulfilled.

The Sun's shift into Scorpio on October 22 adds another dose of intensity and passion to your life. You're the one who should be leading the way by initiating intimate contact. The beauty of these transits in subtle but sexy Scorpio is that you're able to convey a powerful message with a lingering look or little smile. Smoothly shifting gears from straightforward straight talk to sweet seduction is a great way to broaden the ways in which you connect with others. Yet staying cool and in control of emotions could be difficult with the explosive Full Moon in Aries on October 29 that provokes restless, rebellion and rapidly changing feelings.