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Capricorn October 2012 Horoscope

Pace Yourself

You might feel an invisible hand on your back pushing you forward this month, but if you go too fast or too far, you'll probably have to turn around and start over again. The drive to go further than you should originates from motivating Mars' entry into restless Sagittarius and your 12th House of Escapism on October 6. This urge to get moving is only helpful when you have a specific direction in mind and a map to guide you on your journey.

Right now it's better to be restrained due to the conjunction of mental Mercury and cautious Saturn on October 5; just before they both enter emotionally accountable Scorpio. Their move into your 11th House of Groups can burden you with long-term obligations to an organization -- but if you rise to the challenge, you could earn the respect from your colleagues that you deserve.

Applying your enthusiasm where it will do you the most good is underscored by the crafty Libra New Moon in your 10th House of Career on October 15. Prosperous Jupiter's supportive trine to this lunation offers you opportunities to align with beneficial business partners. However, a strategic sesquisquare between expansive Jupiter and conservative Saturn on the same day signals the importance of patience and good judgment to distinguish realistic professional aspirations from seductive-sounding fantasies.

The Sun's entry into discerning Scorpio and your 11th House on October 22 attracts results-oriented associates who have a gift for sniffing out false trails and discovering fruitful ones. Magnetic Venus' shift into your 10th House on October 28 gifts you with a gracious and diplomatic charm that enriches your career, while love, creativity and personal pleasure take center stage when the indulgent Taurus Full Moon brightens your 5th House of Love and Play on October 29.

Keep in Mind this Month

When you feel the heat of desire rising, slow down and make sure you're on the path to take you where it can be fulfilled.

Key Dates for Capricorn


October 9-10: Pick of the Litter

Take a careful look at professional opportunities on October 9, because an expansive Sun-Jupiter trine may offer you more choices than you can use. Fortunately, favorable aspects connecting Venus and Mercury to investigative Pluto on October 9-10 clarify your thinking, empowering you to eliminate wasteful activities and focus on those that bring you the greatest rewards. Your ruling planet Saturn's trine to imaginative Neptune is a great asset for turning dreams into reality, but the final results may not show up until the second or third recurrence on June 11 and July 19, 2013.

October 25: Judgment Day

It's time to take a stand with the Sun's conjunction to dutiful Saturn in your collaborative 11th House. If you assume new responsibilities for a group, be certain you have the support you need to succeed. If your teammates are not up to the task or if you doubt the value of the cause, saying no is probably your best option.