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Capricorn October 2012 Career Horoscope

Running the Show

October starts with the Libra Sun in your 10th House of Career, which tends to put you in a position of authority. Your natural instinct to run the show kicks in and is likely to put more responsibility on your shoulders. This works well if you pay careful attention to others and are able to take their needs into consideration. Libra likes to share, making this a good time to build professional alliances.

Fortunately, graceful Venus moves into earthy Virgo on October 22, which brings a combination of grace and clarity that's excellent for recognizing the best ways to achieve long-term goals. The support and understanding of colleagues is particularly important on October 5, when communicative Mercury joins your dutiful ruling planet Saturn.

Later that day these two planets enter your team-oriented 11th House of Groups, where patience and a clear vision are needed to get your message across. Tuning in to the needs of co-workers and customers could make this a very productive time, yet trying to force a perspective that others don't understand can become frustrating.

Your leadership qualities turn in a different direction with the accommodating Libra New Moon in your 10th House on October 15. Diplomacy and working in partnerships are keys to making the best of the new professional opportunities that can come your way. On October 22, a solar shift into sensitive Scorpio and your group-oriented 11th House is useful for recognizing those who share your goals and commitment to achieving them. Trying to work with individuals who lack your drive shows who you can rely upon, and who you can't.