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Capricorn October 2012 Love Horoscope

Your Loyalty will be Rewarded

There may be some sweet personal rewards for you this month with amorous Venus making a move that's favorable to your chart. The love planet enters sister Earth sign Virgo on October 2, which tends to put relationship matters on more solid ground. Generally, a practical and realistic approach to partnerships is something that you can understand and work with.

There is a brief exception, though, when Venus opposes dreamy Neptune on October 3. Your discriminating mind and rational feelings can go out the window in a moment (or longer) of blissful foolishness. Projecting fantasies on someone and not seeing that person clearly is possible. Yet the upside of this tender transit is to forgive yourself and others, which allows negative feelings to dissolve and fade away.

A significant but subtle shift occurs on October 5 when your responsible ruling planet Saturn enters Scorpio. It will occupy your 11th House of Groups for the next two years, rewarding you for loyalty to friends but possibly weighing you down with obligations to an organization.

The Sun's conjunction with Saturn on October 25 is a time when commitments are critical. Settling into a long-term pattern with the right person or for the right cause is bound to be beneficial but sacrificing yourself for someone or something that's not essential could wear you down. If you do get stuck, though, the electrifying Aries Full Moon on October 29 falls in your 4th House of Home & Family where it can shock you into making some radical changes at home or in your personal habits and routine.