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Gemini October 2012 Love Horoscope

Breaking the Chains that Bind You

On one level, this starts out as a great month for amour. The Sun is in gracious Libra and your 5th House of Romance until October 22, which should make you appealing to others. This gives your confidence a boost and should encourage you to be more direct in expressing your desires and showing your affection. However, there are a couple of restraining astrological factors that require discretion and patience in personal matters.

Venus, the planet of love, enters analytical Virgo on October 2 and will be in this sometimes self-critical sign until October 28. This signals the need to put your home life in order. Dealing with loose ends and minor details in your domestic world might seem irrelevant to romance but bringing a little order there puts partnerships on a more solid foundation. Making little improvements in your daily routine has a surprisingly beneficial effect.

On October 5 your ruling planet Mercury joins serious Saturn in the last degree of Libra before both advance into Scorpio later that day. This is time to deal with difficult issues. Don't duck them because they're embarrassing or seem too challenging. Frustration with communication and blockages in understanding others or making yourself understood can be resolved if you're patient and persistent in addressing these matters.

On October 15 the New Moon in Libra supplies a fresh wave of joy and playfulness. This should lift your spirits, put you in a positive light and spur you to update your appearance and attitude. Having fun then is a key to making yourself happier and more desirable to others.