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Leo October 2012 Career Horoscope

Get Serious

The first three weeks of October are excellent for making new connections and smoothing out existing relationships. The accommodating Libra Sun starts the month in your 3rd House of Communication, adding to your skills as a speaker. This is very useful for gently making a case within your current job or seeking another one.

Handling money carefully is also important now, as value-based Venus enters your 2nd House of Income on October 3. This occurs in the specialist sign of Virgo, making it a positive time for getting professional training or focusing on improving one particular skill. But also be careful on October 3, when nebulous Neptune opposes Venus and fantasy could overcome common sense. Although this might provide some creative inspiration, a tendency to see the worth of activities, objects and people as you'd like them to be rather than they really are is possible.

A serious state of mind is also called for when mental Mercury joins dutiful Saturn in Libra on October 5, hours before both planets move into scrutinizing Scorpio. Narrowing your focus and making sure you have solid facts to back up your ideas is essential.

Digging deeper to do some research and serious investigation is also favored then. But don't expect fast responses or give off-the-cuff answers if you can help it, as patience is a must. The Sun's entry into emotional Scorpio on October 22 may cause you to ask profound questions about your future, and again it may take you time to resolve them.