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Leo October 2012 Love Horoscope

Smooth Operator

Smooth talking could get you what you want but could also get you into trouble this month. The Sun is in charming Libra and your chatty 3rd House of Communication until October 22, which can make you seem seductive even when you're taking out the trash. There's something about the way you communicate with people that makes them more interested in you. Therefore, if you're not attracted to someone, be careful about the signals you're sending. You may think that you're being neutral and innocent but others may not feel the same.

Self-control becomes more important as of October 5 when mental Mercury and responsible Saturn enter Scorpio and your 4th House of Roots. Don't worry about where others are at because it's time to dig into yourself and reaffirm what it is you really want. You may also recognize what it is you need to get rid of to bring you closer to fulfilling these desires.

Facing hard truths may be necessary on October 5 and even if you want to withhold information from someone else, it's vital that you be honest with yourself. October 25 could be a turning point as your key planet, the Sun, joins Saturn. It's a time when you may need to make a big personal decision. But don't be hasty as the impact of what you do now may last for a long time. There's an explosive, exciting, liberating Full Moon in independent Aries and your 9th House of Travel on October 29 that can stir feelings of restlessness and attract you to people from faraway places.