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Libra October 2012 Love Horoscope

Be Fair to Yourself and Others

You should be feeling more confident as October opens with the Sun in your sociable sign. This solar presence increases vitality and your willingness to take risks. But in your usual refined way, you're unlikely to become pushy. That's also because your gracious ruling planet Venus enters fastidious Virgo and your 12th House of Secrets on October 2. This represents more self-analysis that can help you unravel relationship mysteries of the past to make you sharper about them in the present. You may be more critical so it's important not to become lost in worrying about your flaws. We're all imperfect (in our own perfect ways) so be kind to yourself as you make the minor adjustments needed to regain a sense of personal balance.

Venus' opposition to dreamy Neptune on October 3, though, might be a romantic side trip where your heart takes over completely, leaving common sense behind. Privacy is a big issue with Venus in your 12th House until October 28. You may prefer the company of quieter people in discreet locations. Serious conversations are also on the agenda with mental Mercury in scrutinizing Scorpio and your 2nd House of Resources from October 5-28. Assessing the relationship between what you give and what you get back in return can lead to some alterations in partnership patterns.

Being fair to yourself is essential and accepting less is not the best way to find emotional fulfillment. Venus' move into your gracious sign on October 28 starts a four-week period of greater attractiveness to others.