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Pisces October 2012 Career Horoscope

Find Your Higher Purpose

You might find yourself trying to find a middle position between two very different ideas during the first three weeks of October. The harmony-seeking Libra Sun occupies your 8th House of Others' Values until October 22. While making peace could be a constructive way to demonstrate your worth, it's a delicate position to be in. Having your own goals and opinions ensures that you won't lose your sense of professional direction.

Old dreams or goals may start to emerge when Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, turns retrograde in Gemini and your 4th House of the Past. This could inspire you, renewing a sense of hope about what you can accomplish, but it might become a distraction if there isn't some practical thinking to back up these feelings.

Still, on October 6 energetic Mars blasts into adventurous Sagittarius and your 10th House of Career. New responsibilities can fall on you, which is fine as long as they are in harmony with your long-term goals. Working hard to manage problems that don't advance your interests is more likely to be tiring than rewarding. But if you're battling for cause that matters to you, the passion you will feel can help you operate effectively.

The need to connect your actions with a higher purpose is restated by the Sun's entry into passionate Scorpio and your 9th House of Beliefs on October 22. Emotions drive you forward when you care or wear you out when you don't. Commitment or a turning point arrives with the Sun's conjunction to serious Saturn on October 25, when patience and discipline help to overcome almost any obstacle.