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Pisces October 2012 Love Horoscope

Trust Your Gut

Your personal life should get a lift this month when alluring Venus enters your 7th House of Partners on October 2. The presence of the love planet in this part of your chart can grace a current relationship with more pleasure or make you a stronger candidate to attract someone new.

Venus' opposition to your mystical ruling planet Neptune on October 3 could fill you with romantic bliss or lead you off to a fantasyland that can break like a bubble when reality returns. Still, sweet Venus will continue her journey in your 7th House of Relationships to focus attention on improving alliances until the 28th.

Critical individuals may overemphasize your flaws but the point is not to put you down. Ideally, you and your significant other will be able to discuss in detail what you both need to enhance your partnership. If you're single, this alluring transit can pull someone new into your life but making some adjustments is the price you'll need to pay to turn it into an enduring experience.

The Sun's move into watery Scorpio on October 22 is favorable to your sensitive Pisces Sun. You can dive more deeply into your feelings in a way that helps to transform old wounds into fuel for future growth. Facing the complexity of emotions isn't easy, especially when words cannot fully explain them. Yet trusting your gut instincts makes more sense in this environment. Your ability to judge others and to put relationships on a healthier and more equitable foundation is sure to grow.