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Sagittarius October 2012 Horoscope

In the Zone

It looks like you're on a roll this month as Mars jumps into extroverted Sagittarius and your 1st House of Personality on October 6, motivating you to assert yourself as you push ahead on all fronts. Your physical vitality is strong, yet you could be so enthusiastic about showing others what you can do that you become overbearing. Fortunately, the socially astute Libra Sun in your 11th House of Friends and Associates sensitizes you to others and helps you balance your aggressive approach until October 22.

Meanwhile, just prior to the loud arrival of rambunctious Mars in your sign, cerebral Mercury and solemn Saturn enter your 12th House of Spirituality on October 5, in an ironic move that turns your thoughts inward just as your behavior becomes more highly animated. Although Mercury only stays in mysterious Scorpio until October 29, slow-moving Saturn remains in your 12th House of Endings until December 23, 2014. This is a long-lasting transit that will require you to retreat from the outer world, redefine your life path, and clear out old emotional baggage.

Powerful waves of expansion and contraction are washing over you now, as cheerful Jupiter aspects somber Saturn -- yet the gracious Libra New Moon on October 15 falls in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes, encouraging you seek moderation. The materialistic Taurus Full Moon on October 29 illuminates your 6th House of Work, while thoughtful Mercury enters fun-loving Sagittarius, reminding you that maintaining your daily routine is crucial to keep your life in order and reach your goals.

Keep in Mind this Month

Even if others think they know what you're doing, you have more going on than they realize. There's nothing wrong with keeping some of your plans to yourself.

Key Dates for Sagittarius


October 15-16: Fools Rush In

You're all fired up with punchy Mars in your 1st House of Self -- so much that you may turn radical and disruptive thanks to the warrior planet's friction-free trine with unruly Uranus on October 15. Exercise caution; bombastic Jupiter forms an uneasy sesquisquare with karmic Saturn on October 15 and an overindulgent square with sensual Venus on October 16, bringing unpleasant consequences if you break the rules or ride roughshod over someone else's feelings. Luckily, the peaceable Libra New Moon, also on October 15, allows you to be accommodating if you simply consider the needs of others.

October 25: School of Hard Knocks

The Sun's annual conjunction with taskmaster Saturn is like trying to take a final exam in a class you never actually attended. This serious alignment occurs in your 12th House of Endings, indicating that the lessons you must learn are important enough for you to stop and get them right. Don't try to escape the truth; instead, confront it.