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Scorpio October 2012 Horoscope

Blue Skies Ahead

If you've been waiting for the clouds to clear before you make a major decision, this month should bring you the answers you seek. The Sun is floating through your metaphysical 12th House until October 22, which could keep you in a relatively docile mood. However, your thoughts are likely to crystallize on October 5, when factual Mercury and realistic Saturn join in the last degree of objective Libra before forging into your sign later that day.

The blindfold will be pulled from your eyes and you will see exactly where you stand. Whether the news is good or not, confusion will fade and you'll see exactly what step to take next. Fortunately, go-getter Mars, your sign's co-ruling planet, fires into exuberant Sagittarius and your 2nd House of Income on October 6, motivating you to think on a bigger scale and consider taking some risks in financial matters.

A spiritual teacher or motivational mentor broadens your perspective when the Libra New Moon in your 12th House of Destiny trines visionary Jupiter on October 15. The Sun enters watery Scorpio on October 22, churning up another wave of enthusiasm to enhance your creative capacities, empower your personality and encourage a stronger desire for physical activity.

Lovely Venus' shift into harmonious Libra on October 28 offers you a sense of inner peace by connecting you with nature or the arts. You won't be shy about what you discover, because chatty Mercury is launched into opinionated Sagittarius on October 29. Lastly, the dependable Taurus Full Moon on October 29 illuminates your 7th House of Partnerships, emphasizing the obligations and expectations that define your personal and professional relationships.

Keep in Mind this Month

Facts are only the starting point, not the end of a significant question. It's what you do with the information that dictates your future.

Key Dates for Scorpio


October 5-7: Drawing a Line in the Sand

The time for debate is over on October 5, and the moment for commitment is here. That's the day talkative Mercury and stern Saturn dive into tenacious Scorpio. You could receive unpleasant news, but this will only alter your approach; it won't deter you from your true purpose. Your solid grasp of the facts -- and of reality -- increases your intellectual authority and your power as a communicator. Besides, optimism is peeking through a faith-filled Mercury-Neptune trine, followed by renewed enthusiasm as the messenger planet connects with cheerful Jupiter on October 6. Nevertheless, daring Mars, newly arrived in promising Sagittarius, is softened by a square to diffusive Neptune on October 7 that could lead you into financial foolishness. Let responsible Saturn in your sign enrich you with the persistence and patience you need to gain self-mastery.

October 29: Partners in Crime

You're tempted to flee reality as Mercury the Winged Messenger flies into adventurous Sagittarius and squares dreamy Neptune on October 29. It's a time when what you say and what you hear can be fuzzed by fantasy and weak on facts. Yet a revelatory Full Moon in Taurus in your 7th House of Others slams into an opposition with Saturn that leaves little room for ambiguity. Fortunately, incisive Pluto's trine to the Full Moon clarifies the risk-reward ratio of relationships, increasing your chances of finding fulfilling partnerships.