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Scorpio October 2012 Love Horoscope

The Tale of Two Transits

There are two distinctly different astrological periods for you this month. October begins with the Sun in Libra, a lovely and sociable sign, but one that occupies the 12th House of Escapism in your chart. This relatively quiet time ends on October 22 when the Sun fires into Scorpio and the dynamic 1st House of Personality.

While the first three weeks of October are generally better for quiet times in out of the way places, allowing you the space to think about your relationship needs, it's not all about walks alone in the country or living like a monk. Getting away from it all is still desirable but you may be a bit more restless and willing to take risks when your passionate ruling planet Mars enters adventurous Sagittarius on October 6. Your cautious and calculating side may give way to enthusiasm that provokes you to go far in pursuit of pleasure. Sports and outdoor activities are good ways to apply the physicality of this transit.

Mars in Sagittarius is also useful for testing the waters to try different kinds of activities and being with different kinds of people. Its full impact may become more obvious on October 22 when the Sun enters your sign. This provides more energy and makes you more likely to be noticed by others.

Some delays or disappointments are possible when the Sun joins restrictive Saturn on October 25. The point, though, is to take yourself seriously by recognizing where you have to put in hard work and come up with the discipline needed to fulfill your potential.