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Virgo October 2012 Horoscope

Beauty and the Bottom Line

Your willingness to make tough decisions now will make your life easier in the future. If you've been wavering about financial matters, this is the right time to tune in to your gut feelings, get off the fence and take decisive action. The Sun illuminates your 2nd House of Resources until October 22, providing you with ample opportunities to weigh your budgetary options.

It helps if your choices are rooted in self-confidence, which thankfully receives a boost when attractive Venus enters Virgo on October 3. Your charming personality, creative approach, and sense of style should turn heads in your direction with this alluring transit. Yet the refined qualities of Venus in Virgo are contrasted with an adventurous spirit when courageous Mars enters Sagittarius and your 4th House of Roots on October 6. While you keep up appearances of commitment to your current situation, Mars at the bottom of your chart can incite conflict at home if you're feeling hemmed in or bored.

On October 10, the first beneficial trine of pragmatic Saturn and whimsical Neptune occurs. You can combine your thoughtful analyses with romantic impulses, solidifying an inspiring partnership. These aspects return on June 11 and July 19, 2013, to manifest the dreams that are now taking shape.

The Sun's dive into psychologically astute Scorpio on October 22 takes your thinking to another level, inviting profound conversations and serious research. The pressure of the Sun's conjunction to restrictive Saturn on October 25 can temporarily block the flow of communication and sow seeds of doubt. Happily, lovely Venus restores your sense of self-worth on October 28, with her entry into sociable Libra and your resourceful 2nd House of Money.

Keep in Mind this Month

Taking an objective look at what you've accomplished in life will show you how to get more money, respect and pleasure from your work.

Key Dates for Virgo

October 5-7: Down the Rabbit Hole

Words take on extra significance as verbal Mercury joins karmic Saturn just before both planets enter intense Scorpio on October 5. It's not easy to avoid negative thinking, especially when others seem unwilling to listen to you. Yet this conjunction is ideal for deep thought and observation. Nevertheless, you can express yourself indirectly with poetic images thanks to an imaginative Mercury-Neptune trine. The need to limit yourself to logic diminishes with a permissive Mercury-Jupiter aspect and Mars' entry into storytelling Sagittarius on October 6, and his square with escapist Neptune on October 7.


October 25: Keep It Real

The Sun's conjunction with stifling Saturn in your chatty 3rd House of Immediate Environment casts a shadow of doubt on today's conversations. Withholding information can undermine trust; however, you can express yourself with authority if you're properly prepared. Mercury's union with the integrative North Lunar Node in Scorpio reveals the value of tackling difficult subjects directly rather than watering down what you say.