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Virgo October 2012 Love Horoscope

It's Your Time to Shine

There's good news for your love life this month as amorous Venus is in your sign from October 2 until October 28. This tends to bring your most desirable qualities to the surface where they can be seen and appreciated by others. You can help this magic to happen in a couple of ways. The first is to be kind to yourself while making adjustments to your appearance and approach to others. Small consistent change will bring about more positive results than putting yourself under pressure. The second is to appreciate who you are and what you already have. Even if your romantic life falls short of your expectations, a little gratitude goes a long way toward making you more appealing.

Even though Venus in Virgo has a critical eye that spots tiny flaws, this planet's opposition to dreamy Neptune on October 3 may dissolve your keen senses, allowing you to fall for someone who isn't necessarily a realistic candidate for partnership. But any romantic naïveté is likely to pass quickly so that you can take corrective action if you over-evaluate someone.

Besides, you're likely to be fired up when assertive Mars enters adventurous Sagittarius and your domestic 4th House of Inner Needs on October 6. While this might cause strife at home, it's probably going to provide the spark you need to put more effort into an ongoing union or in pursuit of a new one. The enthusiasm of this transit contrasts with mental Mercury's move into skeptical Scorpio and your perceptive 3rd House of Short Trips on October 5, but graciously moves between hope and doubt broadens your range of response and increases your chances to find happiness.