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October 2013 Horoscope

Personal transformations

October opens with the Sun in lovely Libra, but the peace and harmony we seek in this sign may be difficult to find during the first few days of the month. On October, 1 the Sun forms a stressful square with penetrating Pluto, which can spur power struggles and undermine self-confidence. Its purpose, though, is to deeply examine our relationships to see if we're getting what we need from them. Denying our desires as a way to avoid upsetting someone is not, however, a way to sustain healthy alliances. It's appropriate to recognize needs that aren't being met, and it's perfectly fair to express them to others as long as we're willing to put more energy into partnerships ourselves. Pluto is a planet of addition by subtraction, so this transit indicates the necessity of eliminating a plan, person or idea to become more efficient and clear space for more fulfilling experiences.

On October 3, the Sun squares electrifying Uranus, which can trigger sudden changes of mood and circumstances. We might be edgy with restlessness, but the gifts of this aspect include freedom from restraints, independence and original thinking. Still, this can be a rough shakedown cruise when unresolved issues and emotions rise to the surface and require action. Being flexible and forward-looking are more likely to yield positive outcomes than trying to settle back into an old routine that cannot produce the future you desire.

Happily, blowing up the past, or at least recognizing where changes are needed, can skillfully lead to fresh experiences and ideas with the New Moon in Libra on October 4. This begins the monthly lunation cycle that usually flows gently in this gracious sign. However, the tense connections of the Sun and Moon with transformational Pluto and Uranus suggest anything but a smooth takeoff. It's likely that most of us will be resisting the destabilizing forces that threaten to upset our lives, which is natural, but fear of what's to come will not prevent change but only make it less manageable. Committing to starting a project or initiating a healthy habit allows us to find balance at this volatile time, enabling us to ride today's powerful planetary waves toward a more exciting tomorrow.

A greater appreciation for adventure comes when loving Venus enters enthusiastic Sagittarius on October 7. Relationships that are locked into predictable patterns can feel stifling with this romantic planet's journey through visionary Sagittarius. Pushing limits in personal matters by exploring different kinds of people and experiences makes sense as long as reasonable precautions are taken. A serious conjunction of mental Mercury with security seeking Saturn on October 8 is a reminder that the bigger the risk the more preparation we need to eliminate danger. The bolder your goal is the more planning you need to ensure its success.

Lost in illusion

Escapist tendencies arrive with a romantic and imaginative square between Venus and dreamy Neptune on October 10. Getting lost in illusion can lead to questionable relationship and financial decisions. The Sun's square with excessive Jupiter on October 12 reinforces these ungrounded tendencies. Yet finding inspiration during these times can raise spirits as long as we discern the difference between facts and fantasies and react accordingly.

One step toward realism comes in the form of active Mars' move into practical Virgo on October 15. Greater attention to details increases efficiency and additional training sharpens skills. Still, even pointed Mars in precise Virgo can drift off track when it opposes dissolving Neptune on October 19. On October 18, though, the Full Moon in down-to-earth Taurus shows us that life can be simple and sweet at the same time. Appreciating the positives in life can turn perceptions away from fear and toward a state of calm acceptance that makes pleasure easier to find.

Cerebral Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 21, beginning a three-week reversal that tends to complicate communications, muddle messages and trip up technology. Double-checking data, details and critical conversations to make sure that everyone is on the same page is highly recommended. The positive side of this cycle includes the second chances we get to connect with people and reconsider recent ideas to make them more effective. The following day the Sun dives into emotionally deep Scorpio, where we get a more intense look at relationships. Jealousy and mistrust are potential problems but recognizing where we need to change will be more productive than trying to control the behavior of others.

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