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October 2013 Career Horoscope

Pay attention to details

We usually expect a good deal of cooperation and compromise with the Sun in Libra, where it is until October 22. However, the month may not get off on a mellow note with two powerful patterns on October 1 and October 4.

Trust issues may arise on October 1, when the Sun makes a tense square with provocative Pluto. Power struggles and secrets are also potential sources of conflict. But the benefits of this transit include taking a deeper look at desires and resources, eliminating wasteful activities, purging unprofitable relationships, and concentrating effort where it will do the most good.

On October 4, the Sun's opposition with radical Uranus triggers surprises and restlessness. Following rules isn't easy as the urge for freedom grows. Rebellious actions can be destructive, but they also have an inventive side that suddenly opens minds to new and different ways to work.

The New Moon on October 4 is charged up by these strong patterns that better serve those ready to make bold moves in their careers than those who are playing it safe. Even the most reliable allies may be less dependable under these transformative influences.

Hope rises on October 7, though, when sociable Venus enters enthusiastic Sagittarius. Faraway places can be sources of income and inspiration, as will travel, education and publishing.

Communicative Mercury's retrograde turn on October 21 complicates conversations, muddles messages and messes with technology during the subsequent three weeks, making careful attention to details essential.

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