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Aries Horoscope: October 2013

The perils and pleasures of partnership

Fasten your seat belt, because a wild New Moon in your 7th House of Partners on October 4 can take you and your relationships on a roller-coaster ride. A Sun-Moon conjunction in lovely Libra is normally associated with making sweet alliances and comfortable new connections. This lunation, however, opposes disruptive Uranus and squares provocative Pluto, which can incite power struggles and sudden shifts of circumstances and moods. Remaining reasonable when you deal with emotionally inconsistent people and calming your own volcanic feelings can make the difference between war and peace now.

You're tempted to run from demanding unions on October 7 when romantic Venus enters carefree Sagittarius and your 9th House of Faraway Places. Pursuing interests in travel, higher learning, and people from different cultures will be rewarding as long as you're not using them to escape your current reality.

Once your ruling planet, Mars, moves into precise Virgo and your 6th House of Work on October 15, focus on refining old methods and applying your creativity in practical ways. If you're bored by your job, investing energy in a hobby or developing a new skill should perk you up.

The independent Aries Full Moon on October 18 in your 1st House of Personality acts as a reminder to address your own needs before worrying about others. The happier you are now, the more valuable you'll be to those around you. On October 21, rational Mercury's retrograde turn in your 8th House of Intimacy reminds you to back up and renegotiate your relationships.

The Sun's shift into intuitive Scorpio and your 8th house on October 23 attracts strong partners and shows how teaming up with the right people will add power and passion to your life.

Keep in Mind this Month

Expressing what you want from others is the essential first step to clearing the air and getting the most out of your alliances.

Key Dates for Aries

October 2: Fixer-Upper

A clever quintile between inquisitive Mercury and enterprising Mars reveals short cuts and inspires creative problem-solving ideas. Now is the perfect time for untangling misunderstandings related to money and love. If you feel stuck in an unhappy situation, look a bit deeper -- you'll probably find a surprising solution.


October 4-7: Taking It Up a Notch

If you feel suffocated by any external pressure right now, it's because Mars' strange sesquisquares to suspicious Pluto on October 5 and nervous Uranus on October 7 indicate serious irritations. These hard aspects with astrology's two most disruptive planets on the heels of the ambiguous Libra New Moon on October 4 can intensify complex relationship issues. You're ready to push back with anger -- which is understandable, but it's also more likely to aggravate the tension than resolve it. If you can instead apply these kinetic forces with conscious intent and originality, you could get out of a rut and create exciting new avenues of personal and professional expression.

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