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Cancer Horoscope: October 2013

Rise to the challenge

Stressful relationships push you one way and then suddenly pull you another this month. Although it's unwise to let go of control at work and allow others to change the direction of your life, it's even more foolish to think that you can ignore the demands being placed on you. Ultimately, your smartest strategy is to seek an effective balance between holding on to the way things are and being open to positive change.

Nevertheless, destabilizing forces on the job require you to respond when the diplomatic Libra New Moon squares provocative Pluto and opposes disruptive Uranus on October 4. Handling the current situation doesn't necessarily resolve the deeper dilemma, which has its roots in a complicated Saturn-Uranus quincunx that first occurred on April 12.

Stabilizing Saturn repeats this uncomfortable aspect to unmanageable Uranus on October 5, making it difficult to maintain your creative integrity while also trying to forge a new vision of your future. You may need to acknowledge that your plans need serious revision when fleet-footed Mercury runs into stern Saturn on October 8.

You're quickly convinced that you have little to worry about when pretty Venus and the radiant Sun aspect illusory Neptune and sanguine Jupiter on October 10-12. The incorrigible Aries Full Moon Eclipse on October 18 shakes your public 10th House of Career, catalyzing much-needed professional change while sweeping away the accumulated tension.

Mercury's retrograde turn on October 21, along with the Sun's shift into resolute Scorpio on October 23, reminds you that patience is one of your greatest strengths. Although you cannot deny that these are serious times, the Sun-Neptune trine on October 25 and the Mars-Pluto trine on October 31 give you the courage to smile as you move through these days with unflappable resolve.

Keep in Mind this Month

Instead of worrying about meeting unrealistic timetables and deadlines, just stay on course. You will make more progress than you ever thought possible.

Key Dates for Cancer


October 1-4: Never a Dull Moment

Your creative juices flow when cerebral Mercury in your 5th House of Self-Expression forms a synergetic trine with intuitive Neptune on October 1. Beautiful Venus, tough-guy Pluto, and inventive Uranus gang up on October 2-3 to convince you to express your feelings more freely or to take a creative risk. However, you may first need to stand up to someone's negativity or handle a difficult situation in order to prove your worthiness when the Sun squares Pluto on October 1. You may be surprised by events at work on October 3 when the Sun opposes Uranus, prompting you to overreact. Try not to get too caught up in a drama, especially one that isn't yours. Thankfully, the Libra New Moon in your 4th House of Security on October 4 allows you to navigate the rough emotional waters, soothe frayed feelings, and finally move forward with your plans.

October 16-19: Fast and Furious

You can't repress your desires and your co-workers may be quite surprised with your unconventional behavior on October 16 when flirty Venus trines wild-child Uranus. The reckless Aries Full Moon Eclipse on October 18 dares you to come out of your shell. But on October 19, active Mars in your 3rd House of Communication opposes dispersive Neptune to raise self-doubt and weaken your message. Don't be overly concerned if you can't put your finger on the source of your angst; the uncertainty won't last long.

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