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Cancer Career Horoscope: October 2013

Use your imagination

A powerful influence this month is the Libra New Moon on October 4. Normally, this Sun-Moon conjunction in your 4th House of Roots sparks a fresh perspective of the past and a new understanding of your personal needs. However, this usually peaceful lunation is rocked by stressful connections with four planets.

Penetrating Pluto, revolutionary Uranus, assertive Mars and expansive Jupiter can push you to emotional extremes. It is healthy, though, to let your mind imagine radical changes in your work life. If you can find inspiration to motivate you in your current situation or to head in a very different direction, you can ride these powerful waves of energy to higher levels of excitement and purpose.

It's tempting to make a sudden change, which is fine as long as it's been on your mind for some time. But if you haven't thought through a plan for success, don't take action immediately.

On October 18, the Full Moon in pioneering Aries lands in your 10th House of Career, where it can increase the urge to act quickly and decisively. You might feel like you're unsupported in taking on the burdens of responsibility, but this enlightening event can also provide the passion and fuel you need to be a more effective leader.

If you feel like you're in a critical situation, thinking slowly and deeply will lead you to making better decisions. In fact, with cerebral Mercury turning retrograde on October 21, it's important to be thorough in your analyses and careful in your communications during the following three weeks.

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