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Gemini Career Horoscope: October 2013

Invest in your future

Slow down and take a more careful approach to what you do and say this month. Your chatty ruling planet is in intense Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment, where words and deeds weigh more heavily than usual. Mercury is losing speed as it approaches its turnaround point on October 21, when it begins its three-week retrograde cycle.

While Mercury Retrograde certainly can trigger complications on the job and increases the chances for misunderstandings, its purpose is to deepen your perceptions of what you're doing. If you've left tasks undone or incomplete, they may return as problems. Yet if you're willing to examine the methods you employ, you will discover ways to be more effective and efficient.

Mercury's conjunction with strict Saturn on October 8 makes whatever is said then even more important because it can leave a lasting impact. Yes, you might perceive things in a negative way due to discontent or mistrust, but this transit is also excellent for increasing your understanding of techniques and systems. If you need to discuss a delicate issue, do it privately to reduce the likelihood that the other person will become defensive.

The Sun's shift into Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment on October 22 keeps job-related issues in the foreground. Think about what behaviors and beliefs are keeping you from maximizing your professional potential. Putting in more study about your work or seeking training in another vocation are good investments in your future. Just don't be in a hurry if you're interested in improving your work life in a meaningful way.

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