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Leo Love Horoscope: October 2013

Spice things up

A reasonable amount of self-restraint makes sense when the month begins because amorous Venus is in subtle Scorpio and your somewhat private 4th House of Home and Family. Entertaining at home or connecting in quiet, out-of-the way places may suit you better than going public with your personal life during the first week of October.

That changes, though, when the love planet blasts into outgoing Sagittarius on October 7. This transit spurs your taste for adventure, as well as a restless spirit that's looking for new forms of fun. The good news is you'll probably get to share this playful spirit because Venus will be in your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression, where you're bound to get more attention.

This is a green light for having fun, showing off and being free about expressing your feelings. You might overwhelm a cautious individual who isn't comfortable with such outgoing behavior. But it's vital that you give yourself the freedom to seek pleasure and romance as you see fit. Spicing up a current relationship is necessary to keep it from becoming stale.

Nevertheless, a tendency to be pushier in pursuit of love, attention and fun might rub someone the wrong way. But hey, having a sense of humor is a way to deflect criticism and to avoid taking yourself too seriously. The Sun's shift into Scorpio on October 22 adds a dash of sobriety, which can tone down your personality. But even if you're worried about life, you are more likely to overcome negative thoughts and feelings by having fun than by doubting yourself.

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