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Libra Horoscope: October 2013

A brand-new day

The ever-fascinating subject of relationships is front and center in your life this month. If you have a partner, it's time for a refresh to keep this union interesting; if you're single, you may be ready to take a shot at getting back in the game. The Sun is in your sociable sign when October begins, casting you in a bright spotlight.

However, the traditionally moderate Libra New Moon in your 1st House of Self on October 4 is a wild one that has the potential to turn your life upside down. Maintaining your cool isn't easy with tense lunar aspects to demanding Pluto, rebellious Uranus, and pompous Jupiter. Sticking with the status quo is, perhaps, your least effective option with this transformative pattern.

On the other hand, making radical changes in all aspects of your life can free you from boredom and introduce you to new worlds of power and excitement.

Stretch yourself even farther beyond familiar and comfortable limits when your ruling planet, Venus, moves into exploratory Sagittarius on October 7. Just remember to set out a safety net before you take any big leaps on October 15 as militant Mars moves into meticulous Virgo and your 12th House of Secrets.

The impulsive Aries Full Moon Eclipse on October 18 lights up your 7th House of Others, which can incite unexpected behavior from someone close to you. It can also provoke you to act more aggressively to initiate new connections and sell your ideas.

Introspective Mercury's retrograde turn on October 21 and the Sun's entry into skeptical Scorpio on October 23 could slow you down long enough to reconsider recent events and make any necessary corrective action.

Keep in Mind this Month

Be the change you want to see. Lead through innovation instead of planting yourself on shifting ground or trying to turn back the clock.

Key Dates for Libra


October 1-3: Zen Warrior

Brace yourself, because it's time to face your deepest desires and most hidden fears. Dark Pluto forms an intense aspect with the Sun on October 1 and with innocent Venus on October 2, possibly triggering power struggles, sowing seeds of mistrust, and undermining your sense of self-worth. Yet if you can honestly recognize what you need, you'll tap into a rich vein of resources that can transform loss into gain. Freedom is the reward for your courage when the Sun and Venus stress anarchistic Uranus on October 3, yet chaos and alienation may be the price to pay if you continue to deny your feelings.

October 16: Fun and Games

You're open to unusual forms of play today as agreeable Venus in your 3rd House of Learning forms a constructive trine with unorthodox Uranus in your 7th House of Partners. Indeed, your uninhibited approach and easygoing attitude attract new people who find your playful personality appealing. Experiencing pleasure without commitment allows you to live comfortably in the moment and share your newfound sources of joy with equally open-minded individuals.

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