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Libra Career Horoscope: October 2013

Make a bold move

October opens with the Sun in your gracious sign, which is usually good for turning on the charm, getting attention and being a self-starter. However, hard solar aspects with penetrating Pluto on October 1 and restless Uranus on October 4 can trigger power struggles and rebelliousness.

The Libra New Moon on October 4 is meant to initiate a fresh monthly cycle, but Uranus' unpredictable forces can provoke impulsive behavior. Still, it's better for you open your mind and take chances boldly than to resist inevitable changes that are going to occur. This is a chance to reinvent yourself professionally by radically altering your approach to your job or even by changing fields.

Your ability to express yourself with enthusiasm grows when your socially skilled planet Venus enters outgoing Sagittarius and your 3rd House of Communication on October 7. While this increases your ability to sell yourself and your ideas, it's important to balance optimism with common sense to maintain credibility.

On October 10, Venus squares nebulous Neptune, which is wonderful for imagination and compassion, but not ideal for practical matters. If a person, idea or opportunity inspires you, solidify the situation by grounding it with a concrete plan.

Energetic Mars enters skillful Virgo and your obscure 12th House on October 15, where it reminds you that dealing with maintenance and other routine tasks are necessary, albeit unglamorous, activities. The Sun's shift into Scorpio and your 2nd House of Resources on October 23 signals a need to invest in your abilities and eliminate distractions if you want to earn more money and respect.

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