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Libra Love Horoscope: October 2013

Make new rules

Relationship messages are mixed this month, which begins with romantic Venus in Scorpio until October 7. Her presence in this deep, complex and sometimes secretive sign could increase pressure in partnerships. Whether you're not getting what you want, you find the other person to be manipulative or you simply have lost trust and faith, the message is to change the way you play the game.

The New Moon in your usually accommodating sign occurs on October 4, which can stimulate fresh perspectives and inspire unconventional behavior. The peace and harmony Libra loves so much is challenged at this time with rambunctious Uranus and provocative Pluto making stressful connections with the New Moon. This could trigger explosions in relationships and threaten their stability.

If you're single and looking, however, a radical shift in attitude, attractions and circumstances can lead to a major breakthrough. Being flexible is a key to maintaining a reasonable connection with your current partner, so do your best to adapt unless you've had enough and are ready to tear it down and start all over.

Yet, even if your personal world is rocked by surprises, Venus' shift into adventurous Sagittarius on October 7 should provide some relief. This forward-looking sign is optimistic and willing to take risks to find love and pleasure. In fact, the restless feelings it inspires go well with the revolutionary impulses of the recent Libra New Moon. Be careful from October 10-12, though, when imagination may exceed reality and possibly lead to some questionable judgments about people.

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