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Pisces Career Horoscope: October 2013

Reach for the stars

Managing delicate relationships with colleagues, partners and people in authority is the main event in your professional life early this month. October starts with the Sun in cooperative Libra and your 8th House of Deep Sharing, which sounds perfect to making new alliances or smoothing out rough spots in current ones.

However, on October 4 the normally placid Libra New Moon is shocked and rocked by tense connections with four planets. Ideally, this could lead to a breakthrough that helps you make an important connection or take an existing partnership to a more exciting level. Your ability to respond to surprises is likely to be tested, but you're blessed with the flexibility and compassion to handle agitated individuals.

Unfounded hopes might lead you astray on October 10, though, when value-measuring Venus forms a stressful square with dreamy Neptune. While this offers inspiration and even moments of sweet alignment with others, there's a risk of letting imagination run amuck. Think very carefully before making commitments, especially related to resources, at this time.

On October 18, the Full Moon in fiery Aries lands in your 2nd House of Income, where it could provoke impulsive spending or spark you to dream up an additional source of revenue. Wearing yourself out physically is possible when energetic Mars opposes diffusive Neptune on October 19.

Happily, the all-powerful Sun's favorable trine with Neptune on October 25 provides a much more balanced way of behaving. Creativity could soar as you're able to think outside the box while keeping at least one foot solidly on the ground.

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