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Sagittarius Horoscope: October 2013

Element of surprise

Your interactions with others are off the wall this month with the ambiguous Libra New Moon falling in your 11th House of Groups on October 4. The harmony associated with Libra can be unsettled by mistrust and manipulation as it runs into some rough waters choppy with surprises. Unpredictable Uranus's opposition to this Sun-Moon conjunction and stressful squares from secretive Pluto and judgmental Jupiter can complicate almost any gathering.

Graciously adjusting to changes in alliances and breakdowns in cooperation reduces risks, while adapting to shifts in collective goals could create unexpected opportunities. Your eagerness to take risks catches the attention of others when Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius on October 7.

But don't let vanity and personal matters push work completely out of the picture, because enterprising Mars enters conscientious Virgo and your 10th House of Career on October 15. Initiating projects and dedicating yourself to do the best job possible can garner you recognition -- or at least avoid weakening your position.

The impetuous Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 18 in your 5th House of Romance, Children, and Creativity tempts you to leap without looking. Engaging in new forms of fun and self-expression is fine if you don't upset friends and colleagues by ignoring their concerns.

Mercury begins a three-week retrograde cycle in enigmatic Scorpio and your 12th House of Privacy on October 21, a move that slows down the flow of information and may even cause you to misplace messages. However, this is also a great time to explore the mysteries of metaphysics or the depths of your psyche if you are so inclined. The Sun's entry into Scorpio on October 23 underscores how important it is that you work quietly behind the scenes until it's your time to shine.

Keep in Mind this Month

If frustration makes it too difficult for you to get along with others, working independently until the dust settles may be your best move.

Key Dates for Sagittarius

October 1-3: Be the Change

The Sun's move from a complex square with Pluto on October 1 to an explosive opposition to Uranus on October 3 could push you to a breaking point. If you're dealing with unrelenting pressure from an unreasonable individual, you could be tempted to suddenly end the relationship. A more desirable story is one where you gain more power in an organization, which you then use to radically alter the structure of the group.


October 11-12: Pushing the Envelope

Your lust for life knows few bounds as fun-loving Venus in Sagittarius forms an unbalanced sesquisquare with expansive Jupiter on October 11. You may be ready to take a chance on love, but your evaluation of its costs may be off base. Seeking unusual ways to enjoy yourself makes sense as long as you avoid overestimating someone and underestimating the consequences of risky behavior. Your unbridled enthusiasm, though, is likely to continue on October 12 with an unwieldy Sun-Jupiter square, yet your careless remarks and brash behavior could alienate a person close to you. It's fine to express your opinions as long as they're tempered by a healthy dose of sensitivity to the beliefs of others.

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