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Sagittarius Love Horoscope: October 2013

Make a bold move

Your personal life should get a boost on October 7, when the lovable, alluring and attractive planet Venus enters fiery Sagittarius. Her presence in your sign and in your 1st House of Personality puts you in a favorable light. But part of the fun of Venus in Sagittarius is pursuing new forms of pleasure rather than settling for a predictable and routine dating life.

Taking chances to connect with an exciting but not entirely reliable individual might not lead to permanent happiness, but it can be a source of instant excitement. Remember, your sign is more about exploring unfamiliar territory than playing it safe where you are. If you're in a good relationship, trying some different activities will keep it interesting. If you're single and looking, you get results by being bolder and brave in approaching others.

One of the best things about Venus in Sagittarius is that you will be appreciated for being honest. As long as you're not mean about it, speaking your mind should make you even more desirable. Of course, if you're with someone who is too delicate to handle the truth or too serious to know when you're playing, that's a signal to look elsewhere for appropriate companionship.

Venus does slip on a squishy square with imaginative Neptune on October 10, which is great for romantic fantasies but not optimal for facing reality. And on October 15, passionate Mars tiptoes into cautious Virgo, where tiny flaws and indiscretions can seem like major events. Wrapping your playful personality in a more discreet and well-mannered package is recommended then.

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