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Scorpio Career Horoscope: October 2013

Rekindle your imagination

Your mind deepens this month, which can increase your understanding of how you operate in work-related situations. While this can be favorable, mental Mercury in Scorpio will turn retrograde on October 21, requiring revisions of ideas and repairs in professional relationships.

The messenger planet is slowing down before that date, signaling the need to be more careful and precise in your studies and communications throughout the month. Being diplomatic is also a must with the Sun in gracious Libra until October 22.

This transit occurs in your 12th House of Privacy, perhaps making it harder for you to get attention and support. Working behind the scenes to assist colleagues is one positive way to use this transit. Another is to make sure that you have some down time to rest, recuperate and refresh yourself. This also can broaden your perspective, especially when you spend time in nature, with the arts or in spiritual practices that restore enthusiasm and rekindle your imagination.

Then, on October 22, the Sun rolls into Scorpio and your 1st House of Personality to punch up your energy level. Taking a more dynamic role in professional situations makes sense, especially as your confidence increases.

The Sun's harmonious trine with compassionate Neptune on October 25 is not only creative, but it allows you to prod others into action with sensitivity and a gentle touch. Just remember to be kind and forgiving to yourself as well. You can tap into deep reserves of potency and purpose when the Sun joins the integrative Lunar North Node in Scorpio on October 30.

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