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Taurus Horoscope: October 2013

The call of the wild

Your relationships remain top priority this month, but you encounter unexpected issues achieving a healthy balance between intimacy and independence. Although the next occurrence of the transformative Uranus-Pluto square isn't exact until November 1, you are already under pressure to redirect your life toward reaching more meaningful goals.

The agreeable Libra New Moon on October 4 falls in your 6th House of Employment, yet dynamic aspects to unrestrainable Uranus and unstoppable Pluto can make your job feel oppressive if it doesn't support a higher purpose.

Even a normally comfortable relationship is more awkward now as strict Saturn in your 7th House of Partners forms an irritating aspect with rebellious Uranus on October 5. You want a soul connection rather than a simple romance when adorable Venus shifts into your 8th House of Intimacy on October 7, but her harsh aspects with diffusive Neptune and indulgent Jupiter on October 10-11 make the path to love elusive.

The freedom-loving Aries Full Moon Eclipse on October 18 overwhelms your 12th House of Destiny by firing up your imagination with exciting new plans. You have an urgent desire to make sudden changes at work in order to break out of a rut. Nevertheless, it's difficult to initiate action, and Mercury's retrograde turn on October 21 makes it even tougher to gain the traction you need.

Thankfully, on October 25 an accommodating Sun-Neptune trine spreads a peaceful, easy feeling over your social life. Additionally, a profoundly restorative and regenerative Mars-Pluto trine on October 31 pushes you to work hard and play hard. Although you are capable of great feats now, reserve some energy so you can gracefully ride the intensifying waves of change over the days ahead.

Keep in Mind this Month

Whenever you're eager to head off on your own, remember that you'll be even more successful if you can work as part of a team.

Key Dates for Taurus


October 1-4: Up in the Air

Right now you feel as if you're listening to several radio stations simultaneously, and it's hard to hear any of them clearly. You think that you understand what someone is saying on October 1, when logical Mercury in your 7th House of Others harmonizes with psychic Neptune. The Sun's conflicting square with ruthless Pluto, however, locks you into a power struggle with a formidable opponent. Even if you're sure you're ready for the unexpected, the Sun's tug-of-war with surprising Uranus on October 3 can still catch you off guard. Meanwhile, pleasurable Venus in your 7th house forms uneasy aspects with Pluto and Uranus on October 2-3, fomenting negativity between you and your partner. Although there may be no quick fix for the current stress, at least the diplomatic Libra New Moon on October 4 assists you in seeing the current situation from both points of view.

October 10-12: Larger than Life

You're confident as you head into unknown emotional territory, convinced that your good intentions are enough to make everything turn out okay. However, charming Venus squares fuzzy Neptune from your 8th house of Deep Sharing on October 10, leading you to confuse an unrealistic fantasy with true love. The overindulgent Sun-Jupiter square on October 12 encourages flamboyant behavior as you attempt to act out your dreams.

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