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Virgo Horoscope: October 2013

Chasing the bottom line

Your finances are your primary concern this month as the Libra Sun moves through your 2nd House of Money until October 23. The Sun's stressful aspects with heavy-handed Pluto on October 1 and unpredictable Uranus on October 3 can catch you off guard and send you scrambling to get your cash flow back under control. Problems with a business partner may be disruptive during the normally even-tempered Libra New Moon on October 4 as it opposes Uranus in your 8th House of Shared Resources.

You would really like to establish stability in your daily affairs, but when steady Saturn forms an anxious quincunx with chaotic Uranus on October 5, you can't seem to regain a sense of order no matter how hard you try.

This unstable connection with Uranus is reactivated by mischievous Mercury on October 8 and November 1, yet you're more serious when the Winged Messenger conjuncts Saturn on October 29, prompting you to focus on the details that will ultimately make or break your plans.

Action-hero Mars rushes into your 1st House of Self on October 15, heating up your sign and pushing you to be more assertive than usual. It's time to take charge, define your boundaries, and defend them against anyone who might try to boss you around.

But staying centered can be challenging now, especially around the reckless Aries Full Moon Eclipse on October 18 that zaps your 2nd and 8th Houses of Resources, evoking contradictory feelings about your personal core values, what you own, and what you share. Gaining clarity isn't easy when Mars opposes dreamy Neptune on October 19 and thoughtful Mercury begins its three-week retrograde cycle on October 21.

Keep in Mind this Month

Be patient with yourself if your priorities seem to change as you get closer to making a major decision. Reconsider what's negotiable and what's not.

Key Dates for Virgo

October 10-12: Who's On First?

You're so confused that you don't even know who is pulling the strings when Venus and the Sun create critical aspects to dizzy Neptune in your 7th House of Companions on October 10. You're tempted to overreact or turn a molehill into a mountain on October 11-12 as Venus and the Sun are stressed by overbearing Jupiter. Things are neither as bad nor as good as they seem. Trying to force an answer to an unclear question will only make matters worse, so let the energy settle back down on its own instead.


October 29-31: The Buck Stops Here

You've been reviewing your plans since your ruling planet, Mercury, turned retrograde on October 21; now it's time to apply what you've learned. On October 29, Mercury's conjunction with authoritative Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication demands that you say what you mean and mean what you say. There's very little margin for error, so decide what makes the most sense and then be precise as you inform others of your choice. A potent Mars-Pluto trine fortifies your actions on October 31, but don't be too aggressive or wild and crazy Uranus will undo the gains you've made.

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