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October 2014 Career Horoscope

Breaking the rules

Communication at work may become more complicated while chatty Mercury is retrograde from October 4-25. This backward cycle is useful for completing unfinished tasks, ironing out details, and reconnecting with people from the past. But Mercury Retrograde is also a time when messages are more readily misunderstood and machinery is more inclined to break down. Taking extra time to be sure that what you've said has been heard, and that you're clear about what others are telling you, avoids unnecessary problems.

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Working relationships could reach a critical point during the independent Aries Full Moon on October 8. Emotions fire faster than we can think with this lunar opposition to the usually reasonable Libra Sun. Yet even the most objective and accommodating individuals can be itching for trouble or considering making radical changes with rebellious Uranus' conjunction to the Aries Moon. It may be tempting to break some rules, battle against an authority figure, or think about quitting your job.

The upsides of this powerful event include breakthroughs in awareness that can trigger interest in a new line of work, and letting go of alliances and attitudes that stifle career opportunities. The last week of the month is a time to handle serious matters, with the energizing Sun and validating Venus diving into thorough Scorpio on October 23.

Muscular Mars, the planet of methods and techniques, enters disciplined and productive Capricorn on October 26. This is excellent for committing to an ambitious plan, and for being well organized and hard-working enough to make it a reality.

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