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Aquarius Horoscope: October 2014

Navigating rough waters

Communication, teaching and learning may be a focal point for you this month -- but it won't always be smooth sailing. Near October 8 you might hear about a contract or other agreement coming to an end, and if you're in a position to re-negotiate it, you'll need to gather all of your patience. The good news is that a new agreement can be reached, but it may take until after October 25 before you truly see progress.

You won't want to sign until then anyway. Mercury Retrograde is in effect from October 4-25, giving you the delays, but it also gives you time to gain perspective about whatever it is you're trying to reformulate. Another possibility is that during this time you'll be pondering a decision about whether or not to go back to school to obtain an advanced degree or certification. If you're already enrolled, you may need extra study time to absorb a difficult lesson, or you may have a misunderstanding with one of your professors.

Fortunately, things start to look up by October 23. In fact, gorgeous fresh start is indicated for you after this time in career. If you've wanted to launch a new business or reach for a promotion, your best time will be at month's end. Wonderful!