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Aquarius Career Horoscope for October 2014

Schemes and dreams

Your inventive brain can be easily so far ahead of others that they don't readily understand your ideas. Slowing down to make sure people are on the same page as you is especially important when you're working on a big plan. Seeing far, yet remaining accessible, is a key to tapping into the mental, social and visionary skills of the Libra Sun in your 9th House of Higher Mind.

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You might be cooking up big schemes and dreams in a state of restlessness, which is fine. But with communicative Mercury Retrograde from October 4-25, it's easy to be misunderstood. This reversal pattern starts in your 10th House of Career, so managing messages and details on the job is essential. Avoid piling more on your professional plate until you've tied up loose ends and completed unfinished tasks.

Patience may be hard to come by, though, around the impetuous Full Moon in Aries on October 8, which is joined by your revolutionary ruling planet, Uranus, to provoke surprises and spontaneity. While brilliant ideas and sudden breakthroughs are possible, speaking too quickly could trigger conflict. Think twice before speaking, particularly if you're excited or agitated.

On October 23, the Sun enters passionate Scorpio and your 10th House of Career, which could put more responsibilities on your plate. But you can also use this month-long transit to transform your work life. Eliminating attitudes, individuals and activities that stifle your growth may seem extreme, but it gives you the clarity needed to recognize how to use your talents and desires to transform your career.

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