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Aries Love Horoscope for October 2014

Enough is enough

A tense Lunar Eclipse in your sign on October 8 may signal a necessary turning point in your relationship. If you're in a relationship with someone, but you haven't integrated the person fully into all compartments of your life, it may no longer be possible to continue living in this situation.
Ask yourself why you aren't "all in" with this person. If your answer is fear-based, this eclipse will force you to see it's a "you" thing that needs to be resolved, and not a problem with the partnership. If, however, your answer is more about the relationship not feeling right, you may decide it's time to end things altogether with this person.

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In addition to this, Mercury Retrograde occurs in your relationship sector until October 25, helping you re-evaluate how you've been communicating with a partner -- or how you've been cleverly avoiding real communication altogether. Now is the time to make changes in how you talk to one another to ensure that you're both benefitting from the listening and talking sides of a conversation.

On October 23 and until November 16, Venus will move through the part of your chart concerning intimacy and joint finances. Adding to this, a promising Solar Eclipse will fall in the same part of your chart. Expect remarkable potential to bond with your mate on a much deeper level. This can only happen, however, if you have survived the brutal honesty and self-examination required in the earlier part of the month.

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