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Cancer Horoscope: October 2014

Radical change is afoot

You may have a turning point in your career this month. Although it might not be an easy transition, at the same time you're at a point where you recognize that radical change is the only way for you to become better connected to your true calling in life.

At the Lunar Eclipse on October 8, this feeling will be impossible to ignore. For some, a jolt to your status may occur that leaves you wondering where you'll go next. You might be fired unexpectedly, or you may discover circumstances about your current company that leave you scrambling to formulate a "Plan B." You might already have an exit strategy in the works if you're unhappy in your field. That's a good thing. Still, this eclipse might force you to speed up plans; change is a given. As long as you remain true to yourself, you can rest assured that ultimately this transition will be invigorating. The instability of it all won't last forever.

This might be a good time to pay extra attention to what's happening on the home front. Mercury Retrograde may stimulate confusing dialogue between you and a relative about a family-related situation. If possible, hold off on finalizing a major decision until after October 25. Make sure you have all of your facts straight first.

If single, a new romance may be on the horizon after October 23. Are you thinking about having a baby? By month's end everything might fall into place in this regard. If you already have children, expect a happy occurrence for one of them. That should definitely make you smile.