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Capricorn Horoscope: October 2014

Practice patience

The month might begin with a crawl, but it'll certainly end with a rush! On October 8, a Lunar Eclipse in your home and family sector might bring a stressful domestic situation to a head. You'll need to be available in case a relative needs your support during a crisis. Another possibility is that you're in the midst of a move and it's not going smoothly. Patience!

With Mercury Retrograde in your career sector until October 25, you may feel as if you're fumbling with your words more than usual around VIP's. Avoid signing new contracts or other vital paperwork connected to your profession if possible, at least until after Mercury Direct. You might miss something important in the fine print, or you may discover after you've signed that you've inadvertently put yourself in a corner professionally. This will, however, be a great time to re-evaluate plans about a career goal or reconnect with important figures connected to your industry that you may have lost touch with.

Everything really seems to change for you after October 26. That's when Mars, the planet of motivation and energy, enters your sign for the first time in two years! Mars will remain here until December 4, and during these weeks you'll be in an enviable position. Not only will you enjoy greater stamina and courage to help you launch and push ahead on personal goals, but you'll stop at nothing to ensure their success. You're a force to be reckoned with!