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Gemini Career Horoscope for October 2014

Dodging the details

Communication is one of the great assets of your sign, but this could prove to turn into a more complicated subject this month. The reason is that your chatty ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde from October 4-25. Messages tend to be muddled, and the details are dodgy during this cycle. Slowing down to make sure you understand what others are saying and that they're clear about your ideas are excellent ways to avoid problems.

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This transit starts in your 6th House of Working Conditions, making it doubly important to be mentally sharp on the job. It could also reawaken interest in developing a skill that you've thought about in the past. Technology is another issue during Mercury Retrograde, making this a time when maintenance of equipment is especially important.

The Sun's presence in gracious Libra until October 23rd shows off your charm and people skills, though. Lovely Venus is on the same path, which is excellent for making impressive presentations. But putting on a show to get a job, sell an idea, or to initiate a project is the easy part. Delivering on your promises in the weeks to come is the greater challenge.

When the Sun enters Scorpio and your 6th House on October 23, a greater degree of focus and intensity may demanded of you. Learning to thrive on pressure and being more efficient in how you take care of business not only reduces risks, but it empowers you to make the very most out of your abilities.

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