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Gemini Love Horoscope for October 2014

Romance in retrograde

Anticipate more than a few changes in how you think about romantic matters this month. Mercury, your ruler, will turn retrograde on October 4 , and will remain retrograde until October 25. After October 10, Mercury will backtrack into your true love sector, and that's when the most important changes concerning your mindset, communication and love begin to happen. If you're dating someone, it's possible that you and your lover will experience a few misunderstood words exchanged between the two of you.

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If there's a significant decision you need to make about a relationship -- or with your partner -- you might have extra trouble now. That's because you might run from one possible scenario in your mind to the next, creating problems in your mind that don't even exist. Or, you might not fully understand all of the information being presented in order to make an informed choice about the situation. Hold back until the end of the month before you commit to any firm decision. Use this time to analyze, re-evaluate, and continue conversations about what's happening.

Whether single or attached, an old flame may come back into your life this month. Now THAT would be interesting ... and potentially confusing!

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