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Leo Horoscope: October 2014

Coasting along...

Although you've had a fair amount of stress in the domestic arena lately, there is finally a bright spot to look forward to this month. Admittedly, it doesn't appear until after October 23, but you will certainly agree that it'll have been worth the wait.

Not only will a supportive Solar Eclipse grace your home and family sector on this day, but Venus will also enter the same part of your chart. Together, this influence should leave plenty of opportunity for new and promising beginnings that promote harmony and happiness -- no matter what your current circumstances. If you're thinking about a move, set your intentions after this eclipse.

Before this great energy blesses you, however, you'll need to navigate past a potentially troublesome Mercury Retrograde cycle. You won't want to sign contracts, make vital decisions, or schedule brand new meetings to discuss anything potentially game-changing in your world from October 4-25.

Then, on October 26, Mars enters your work sector (remaining here until December 4), allowing you to complete assignments in record time, while also taking a more proactive stance to your overall health and well-being.

Do your best to coast through most of October, because by the end of the month it'll be clear that things are moving in the right direction for you. Ahhh!