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Leo Career Horoscope for October 2014

Don't jump to conclusions

October begins with the Sun in gracious Libra and your 3rd House of Communication. This is an excellent transit for smoothing out rough spots with people if both sides express themselves calmly. It's especially important to speak carefully and listen attentively when chatty Mercury turns backward on October 4. Mercury Retrograde lasts until October 25, signaling a critical period for managing details and maintaining equipment. Avoid jumping to conclusions during this time, when misunderstandings are more common.

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Still, it might not be easy to keep your cool around the volatile Full Moon in Aries on October 8. This emotionally-charged event lands in your visionary 9th House of Travel, stirring up restless feelings. Look, if you're really fed up with your job, it's understandable to blow your stack. Rebellious Uranus' close conjunction with the Full Moon fires you up with original thinking and rebellious actions. If you've really discovered something brilliant, respect the idea enough to protect it by doing the planning and research needed to turn it into reality.

Enthusiasm could be especially high on October 10, when the Sun aligns favorably with optimistic Jupiter. Rethinking your position is called for when Mercury backs into the Sun on October 16. Don't stick to something out of willfulness or pride, but stick to things because the concept really corresponds to your deepest needs.

On October 23, the Sun dives into profound Scorpio and your 4th House of Roots, awakening memories and, perhaps, old dreams and goals. Measure your resources of time, money and energy to put yourself on a more solid foundation.

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