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Libra Love Horoscope for October 2014

Irreconcilable differences

Buckle up, Libra -- when it comes to love and romance, October might be a little bumpy. Or a lot.

On October 8, a potent Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign, Aries, may signal a harsh ending to a relationship that's on the rocks. This could be in your business life or your personal world, but either way it'll hit close to your heart.

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If it does focus on a personal relationship, it's possible you and your mate are parting ways due to irreconcilable differences that have more to do with the domestic arena than anything else. If you love each other enough, and if you both want to try working through things, then you might be determined to push through this tension. If, however, one or both of you have had enough, then the family tension that might occur this month will only add to the mutual frustration.

As if this weren't enough, Mercury Retrograde occurs in your sign from October 10-25, adding to the likelihood that you won't be able to communicate yourself clearly to your partner. Keep trying. Whether a relationship ends for you this month or not, your voice deserves to be heard.

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