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Pisces Career Horoscope for October 2014

Keep an open mind

Dealing with people in delicate situations is one of your strengths, which comes in handy now. That's because October begins with the Sun in peacemaking Libra in your 8th House of Transformation. Your ability to maintain an open mind in the midst of a struggle can help to keep it from heating up into a serious conflict. However, the desire for harmony with colleagues, customers and managers should not come at the expense of your own interests.

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Libra, while gracious, is also a sign of fairness, meaning that you need to be fair to yourself, too. You may be inclined to be a bit reckless financially, with the explosive Full Moon in Aries in your 2nd House of Resources on October 8. This is a very volatile event, thanks to the proximity of rebellious Uranus, which can spur impulsive spending. The potential benefit of this powerful event is to revive excitement about developing your talents. Perhaps using these gifts in an entirely different way could lead to a new career. In any case, think carefully before committing your cash.

On October 23, the Sun enters watery Scorpio, a sign compatible with yours. This transit occurs in your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education, offering opportunities in these areas. Repurposing old skills, perhaps with additional training, might lead to a more rewarding future.

Inspiration comes on October 27-28, when your imaginative ruling planet, Neptune, forms harmonious trines with artistic Venus and the Sun. This is a useful wave of creativity and cooperation to end the month on a happy note.

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