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Pisces Love Horoscope for October 2014

Love and money don't mix

As October begins, it's likely a financial issue weighs heavy on your mind. Your partner's money, as well as your own, will be involved.

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This will be especially true if you're married, living together, or otherwise share in expenses. You might also have a loan out together, such as a business loan, mortgage, or a line of credit in both of your names. Whatever the details, it appears there will be a heavy focus on how to solve a financial problem jointly this month. Unfortunately, instead of coming together you might initially play the blame game or harbor resentment about how you got into a difficult scenario in the first place.

A tense Lunar Eclipse on October 8 might lead to a source of income drying up for you, and if so that will make things even more frustrating. You don't want to rely on your mate for support, but sometimes we all need a shoulder to lean on to help hold us up while we regroup.

Don't make any sudden changes in finances out of fear near October 11. If you panic, and if you're tempted to do something rash, such as drain a joint account or IRA to pay bills, this may only add to the trouble between you and your mate. Do what you can to nourish honest dialogue together, and make a plan you both agree to -- even if you both don't like it 100 percent.

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