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Sagittarius Horoscope: October 2014

Slow and steady wins the race

You'll have Mars in your sign for most of the month -- until October 26th -- allowing you to make steady progress on anything you began recently or plan on launching now. You'll need to be diligent about using this energy in your favor, however. While Mars in your sign can be an unstoppable force, there are conflicting energies at play this month that may pull you in different directions, taking your focus away from the goals most personally vital to you.

For one thing, Mercury Retrograde is in effect from October 4-25, and it's possible that during this time you'll experience a frustrating miscommunication between you and a pal or in a social situation. Don't allow it to get out of hand, and be sure not to participate in any gossip -- that will only backfire in your face.

If there's a rocky romance in your life, you may decide to end things with your lover near the Lunar Eclipse on October 8. Another possibility is that you'll go through a tense time with a child -- perhaps he or she will be going through a difficult situation and will need your full attention. You'll be there. In fact, you'll be a rock of support.

A large expense may arrive after October 26, but if this happens you won't be derailed. This might even motivate you to pursue a secondary source of income. Go for it!